Level 2 Courses

Older Adults & Exercise

Older Adults and Exercise is a 3-5 hour course which will give you an understanding of the conditions and issues affecting older adults and how to programme safely and effectively. It includes two 25 question quizes. The eight modules are made up of:

  1. The ageing process
  2. Common conditions
  3. Medications
  4. Classification and functionality
  5. Balance and falls prevention
  6. Exercise prescription
  7. Class considerations and communication
  8. Screening, assessment and monitoring

Supporting documents are provided and practical examples of appropriate exercise are given along the way.
This course carries 3 CPDs for or NZ REPs registered exercise professionals, who also receive a 20% discount.

Parkinson’s Pro

PD and the Exercise Professional

  • This 8 hour online course is designed to give exercise professionals a grounding in working with Parkinson’s people.
  • It explains the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s (PD) and its symptoms, both motor and cognitive highlighting the role of neuroplasticity and explaining how to create neuroplastic training programmes for PD people.
  • There is a significant practical component that covers skills and drills that can be used with PD people, and there is a comprehensive section on testing and assessment.
  • On completion of the course students will be able to work with low to moderate risk Parkinson’s people in a one-to-one or small group setting.

Parkinson’s Pro carries 5 CPD points for NZ REPs registered professionals, who also receive a 20% discount.

Joints and Bones

Arthritis and Osteoporosis

  • This 3-5 hour online course is designed to give exercise professionals practical knowledge to allow them to work confidently with clients or class participants with the conditions of arthritis or osteoporosis.
  • The course covers the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of the most common forms of arthritis.
  • It includes the physiology of osteoporosis, risk factors, screening and treatment.
  • It explains the importance of appropriate exercise interventions giving students practical programming examples and a clear understanding of what should and shouldn’t be included in an exercise programme for someone with arthritis or osteoporosis.

NZ REPs registered professionals receive a 20% discount and earn 3 CPD points for completion of Joints and Bones.